4 of every 5 calls we get a day come from people looking for Atom Press parts. Atom used to be the dominant supplier of presses in the USA years ago because factories trusted the Italian manufacturing However, within the past decade, with the flood of cheap Chinese machines, Atom finally relented and began selling presses from China.

The Italian presses were built well, but when they begin sourcing from China, much of what they had built in the way of reputation was lost. Most customers were completely unaware in the beginning because it wasn't a move they were particularly proud of and if at all possible they wanted to keep avoid the topic all together.

The challenges, however, started to plague them when their customers realized that parts for the older machines were not compatible with the China machines. This is where all the confusion is coming from. Most of the machines in America were from Italy, but when they started selling China machines, many of their parts suppliers went out of business rendering many of these older machines obsolete.

This is why so many atoms are being sold. Factories are trying to dump their atom machines while their still running because they realize when they break, their worthless without spare parts.

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We have spent nearly a year trying to track down original suppliers and while we have come up short for most things, we have found sources for some parts. We will do all we can to help you track down parts to get you up and running again, but we recommend if your able to find what you need, that you consider selling what you got and get into a new machine with warranty, parts and service.

The longer you stay with what you got, the greater your risk of ending up with a machine that will be worthless.

Give us a call and we will do what we can to help you.

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