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You can always tell how confident a company is about their machines by the warranty they offer. When making a significant purchase, it's important to fully understand what you're getting in the way of a warranty. While many companies may advertise a FULL WARRANTY, it's the fine print that really determines what it will mean to you.

The components that go into our machines come from all throughout Europe, Asia and America to produce the finest precision presses made.

Press making in America has all but become non-existent, but as manufacturing seems to be on the rise, so has the need of a local company that can service the needs of its customers.

We have brought manufacturing back to America and are doing our part to provide the tools American companies need to compete with outside interests.

Capitalizing on the experience of our own engineers and the support of our world wide suppliers, we have been able to dominate the market place as the first manufacturer of USA designed Machines with assembly right here in America.

This is why we stand behind our machines. We manage and oversee each part of the production. The risk of purchasing from unknown companies and individuals outside of America is not worth the dangers.

Time and time again we're reminded of poor quality, inability to get support and parts as well as complete loss of capital.

We offer peace of mind and a company that will be here when you need us.


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