Die Cut Testing

What press size do you need? If you want to be sure that a specific press will cut your specific die and material, the quickest and easiest way to know is to send us your die and material so we can perform some test for you.

We can test your die and material on a variety of different machines to verify that the tonnage you are requesting is adequate.

We video the whole process and then upload the videos for your review.

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What to send? If you will be doing this, please send enough material to test on more than one press. Understand that to test a die, we need to place the die and material and start off with small amounts of pressure and increasing until the die cuts all the way through with one stroke.

The process however results in the loss of some material. If we cut once or twice and only get partially through the material we are unable to use the same material for the next test because its already partially cut. If we discover that the first press doesn't have enough pressure, we will need to start the process over on another press.

This takes a little time the first time, but once you know where you're at and record the settings, you don't have to do it again.

Our purpose for explaining this is to help you understand the process so you send enough material to complete the test.

Testing Fee

Test cut fees are returned as a credit to your purchase.

For nearly 5 years this has been a free service. Unfortunately the service has been abused ruining it for everyone.

Most of our competition are re-selling Chinese machines, and don't have any machines of their own so they have no way of performing tests on anything bigger than a small swing arm press.

After discovering that they were encouraging buyers to ask for our free testing, we were forced to change our policy.

We have over 20 presses on our floor from 10 ton to 100 ton in a myriad of different sizes. This is a significant investment that is a necessary part of doing business the right way.

We offer test cutting for $200.00 which covers the cost to make a video and upload online for review. This also covers the cost of re-packaging your die for return.

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Mailing Address If you're going to be sending us anything, please notify our office in advance so we can be looking for the delivery. Make sure we have complete contact information as well as a note indicating what type of press you would like us to test.

Send your samples to:
441 W. 12300 S.
Ste A600
Draper, Utah 84020

Call us or send us an email

Please include a return shipping label to be used once we complete your testing.