If your new to the game, this will take some time to appreciate, but you need to put some practices in place with your press operators or you will end up with damaged dies faster than normal. Dies need to be maintained. Material ejection is a bit of an art that can save hundreds of hours.

If you have one part of the die where product is getting stuck, teach your people to be mindful of the problem and take a moment to fix it by adding or moving ejection foam. If your hole punches are getting clogged and no one takes time to clear them, they will eventually blow out the size of the hole and even split the punch to where it's not cutting any more. If you get a product that has holes in it, you will want to have spare hole punches so the dull punches can be replaced without rendering the entire die useless.

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If you find that part of your die is not cutting anymore, you can take the die to your die makers and request them to replace some of the rule or you can buy a steel rule sharpener and put a new edge on what you have. A little preventative maintenance will go a long way.

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All of these things and more will effect production and cost per piece. If workers are not taught what to look for and trained how to be vigilant, they won't.

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