Welded Rule

Most die makers will not even tell you that this is an option because it increases the cost of the die, but welding the connecting points of your steel rule will give you a better cut and oftentimes make your die last longer. Every time you cut, you are putting pressure against the die sides and depending on how much pressure, the ejected material will eventually press against the sides enough that a gap will begin to develop. If you get a gap between two ends of the rule, your material will no longer cut in this area.

If you are cutting with an automatic press or CNC press, you should always request welded rule because it is stronger and less susceptible to pulling out of the wood or acrylic backing. Over time, the steel rule will work its way lose to the point that it can pull out of its backing. If this happens in automatic mode, the rule can cut a die in half or damage your material.

After the maker welds the edges, they will grind the blade again to give it a sharp edge. When edges are welded, you have a stronger, safer die.